Friday, September 4, 2009

New Tutorial "Unleash Me" & Freebie Template

As promised here is my new quick tut and template...

Unleash Me

Written by me as we speak lol... on September 4th of 2009
any similarities to any other tutorial is just plain crazy.

Artwork ©Ismael Rac
Use with license from: ArtisticMinds, Inc
Created With: Paintshop Pro X


Download template HERE
(Included in template: is everything seen except the tube of course and whats mentioned below.)

1 brush/wordart of choice

2 papers of choice (Hearts in frames are included in template)
font of choice
2 or more tubes created by the same artist
(I used Capricorn and Pretty Tracy)

No outside filters needed.

Let's Begin!

Open your template in PSP.
Close out my blog info.
Get out your tube choice, and 2 paper choices.

Activate layer 12 of the template and using your magic wand click on layer 12 and go to selections > modify expand > by 1. Copy your 1st paper and then paste into that selection by holding ctlr + shift + L on your keyboard.
Next go to selections>select none.

Repeat the above step for layer 11 of the template.

Next activate layer 10 and colorize it by holding down shift + L on your keyboard and select a color of choice. Next lets add some texture to layer 10 by going to Effects> Texture Effects> Blinds now apply following settings: width 3, color black, opacity 100, horizontal unchecked, light from top left checked.
Repeat the above steps for layer 1 also.

Next we're on to layer 9 and your brush/wordart. Colorize this layer, add a paper here, use your brushes, texturize, add a little bling. I pretty much left this blank purposely for you to add your own touches here.

Next on to the frames (layers 2, 4, 6). Now here you can play too. On my tag i just made all the frames black. To do this hit shift + H at the same time and lower your saturation to 0 and you lightness to -100. Free free to add some color or texture to these if you wish.

Now the frame backgrounds (layers 3, 5, 7 ) now here i have included the hearts, but if you wish you may choose something different. I chose to colorize my hearts. To do this hold shift + L on your keyboard and pick an appropriate color.

Now Open your girls.
Well be working with the one in the picture frames. Duplicate her 3 ti
mes, arrange and
resize all 3 so she fits nicely into each of the frames
(i don't want to give exacts here because not all tubes are the same dimensions)
Crop out all of the excess hanging outside the frame by clicking on each frame layer and with your magic wand click inside the frame, then go to selections> Modify> expand by 2. Then click on the girl with that appropriate frame and hold down ctlr + shift + I on your keyboard to invert the selection then press ctlr + X to remove the excess.
Do this for all 3 girls.

Next add your words.
I added the phrase "Unleash Your Inner Stalker". Feel free to use it.
Also add your name and your copyright information here.

Now that we have created your tag. It's time to add dropshadows to each of the layers.
You may choose your own settings here as well, or use the same ones i did.
My settings: Vertical +4, Horizonal -2, Opacity 60, Blur 10. Add this to all layers except your copyright layer.

Merge all visible and add a mask of choice if wanted.

Waaaahlaaa! you have now finished! Congratulations!

Below is one more example of what can be done with template:

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