Friday, September 4, 2009

Creatively Speaking

Well, I have been feeling very creative & unleashing my inner stalker this week, revealing my new Stalker Chat tutorial on Sept 1st. Oh i just can't tell you how excited everyone has gotten me about that tag! It has inspired me to revamp my entire blog! Which i have to say i think looks rather delicious. I also added a bonus to my Stalker Chat Tut for those of you who have not saw it yet, and i am quite surprised to see no one has emailed me their tags yet. I thought with all the new tube releases Ismael has been pumping out every week my mailbox would be full. I know it's only one tube, but hey one less you guys have to pay for right? Anyway I have also created a new freebie template & quick stalker tut. They will be in my next post.
So that's so much for my creativeness for now.

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