Friday, June 5, 2009

My Fellow Gaians Welcome To My Banner, Blinkie & Bump Shop!

Bwitchen's Banner & Bump Shop

Offer for fellow Gaians
Above and below are just a few samples banners i have made.
I love using my art work to create, and thanks to my daughter, i get to do more of it.
I am now offering my creative services to those of you Gaian's out there, i am willing to create 100% copyright compliant banners and bumps for you.

The art work i used here and always, is used with either a
purchased license or open permission
from the artist, your own art, or even my own.

Why go copyright compliant you might ask?
Well, that answer is quite simple...
People that take the time to draw or create a piece of artwork, took a lot of time and effort to
do it, so people may enjoy it. If they allow us to use such pieces then they clearly state that.
Then why not comply? They are letting us purchase or use their artwork for FREE.

If you have any questions about copyrighted material, please feel free to visit:


Just PM me at my Gaian account with the details.

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