Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Otakon '09 Baltimore Convention Center Artists

While visiting Otakon this year, i must say creatively speaking it was a fantastic way to spend the weekend with my kids. Not only did they enjoy themselves, i did also. I must say though my favorite part was Artist Alley. As i made my way through all of the creatures, elves, gundams, and Naruto fans i was in awe and wonder of all the wonderfully created art that was in front of me.

I managed to pick up quite a haul in Artist Alley, not only of artwork from various artists, i also purchased a commission of my daughter, and a book from Deviant Art called "Mugeno".

All in all it was an awesome experience and i would like to the time to thank all of the artist that were there offering up their creations at such small prices.

Here is where i will be listing all of the artists i found at the convention... or at least those that had business cards or gave me their sites....

It's really worth checking out all the wonderful art by these artists!

Deathful Studios art of Iris Chen
The Alatus Institute
All The Small Things Kasandra Callalily
Paint Pixel Productions illustrations by Annie Hill
Kathemo Kathemo/B-Kitten
Aborted Creativity (includes the below 4 artists also)
Richard Tang
Phillip Kwok
Matt Bellamy
Eli Mintzer
Shadow Child Studios Paul Jacouino
Jessica Regenbrecht Comics and Illustration
Danielle Dernoga Digital Artist
Hans Tseng Illustrator and Comic Artist
Gina Tingas Freelance Artist
Sin Comix Tasha & Ivory M. Cartoonists/illustrators/designers
Allison Strejlau (deviant) (blogspot)
Allison Henderson Illustrator/Artist
Dan Howard (deviantart)
Schin Hern Loong Illustation
MIYA from SUBTEXT Studio
Fake Radish Studios Jesse Davis Illustrator/Art Instructor (deviantart)
Ninja Consultant a podcast about anime, manga, and ninjas
Del Borovic freelance/illustration/comics/design (deviantart)
Video Game Zombies
Jonathan Hoffman (deviantart)
Raydiant by Raymund Anlocotan Freelance Illustrator
Alyssa Few Digital Art & Illustrator
Kyocs- freelance Artist
Emily Hu Artist (deviantart)
William "s2k/gts" Ray Artist (deviantart)
Ashley Mckenzie Illustration & Graphic Design (deviantart)
Kuroi Tenshi Freelance Artist/ Manga Artist (deviantart)
The Devils Panties Online Comic Strip It's Not Satanic Porn Honest!
Nightambre Studios Artist/commissions (deviantart)
Alexandria Bustion Illustration/animation/vinyl toys (blogspot) (deviantart)
Yamiko Michi Artist/traditional/commissions (deviantart)
Kathie Soto (deviantart 1) (deviantart 2)
Kevin Yan Freelance Fantasy Art (blogspot) (deviantart)
Jinny Liang Freelance artist/commissions (blogspot) (deviantart)

I will be adding many more to this list as i have hundreds of cards.
Please bare with me and keep checking back for updates.

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